Most websites use a small text file called a cookie to store your website preferences in your web browser e.g. to check if you are logged in, to remember what items you have in your shopping basket etc. Many websites also have third party applications which set their own third party cookies e.g. an interactive Google map.

This page sets out the cookies our website uses and what they are used for. It also specifies whether these cookies are first party (set by this website) or third party (set by another website).

By using this website you are accepting the use of these cookies as set out below and in our privacy policy. If you do not want our website to set cookies on your browser then you can manage your cookie preferences using your browser settings. You can find more information about how to do this in some of the most popular browsers below:

Be aware that some areas of this website will not function correctly if you do not accept cookies from this website.

__utmaGoogle Analytics/Website Optimizer – We use these cookies to monitor visits to our website and how visitors interact with our website in order to make improvements that will benefit our visitors. Google stores this activity anonymously on its servers.

The cookies have variable persistence.

You can learn more here:

Third Party Cookies


guest_idTwitter – For our user’s convenience, our website uses the Twitter share plugin.

This third party plugin installs these third party cookies to allow the use of the plugin and to track how the plugin is used across the internet.

The cookies have variable persistence.

You can learn more here: