Corporate and Public Advisory




Africa has traditionally characterized itself by high costs of doing business, low liquidity, scarcity of skilled human resources and underdeveloped capital markets. ThirdWay Africa offers a comprehensive suite of advisory services to help governments and corporates navigate their challenges. 





We work with our clients to finance growth opportunities in Indian Ocean Africa that achieve superior financial returns whilst delivering positive impact for society


Private Capital

→ Capital from private investors seeking to achieve market-rates of return

→ Instrument types: common equity, preferred equity, subordinated debt and mezzanine

→ Selected examples: high net worth individuals, (multi) family offices and private equity funds & funds of funds


Development Finance

→ Capital from DIs that may be willing to accept below market-rates of return in exchange for development returns

→ Instrument types: junior debt & equity, risk underwriting/insurance, market incentives and grant capital for technical assistance

→ Potential for blended financing where positive developmental impact can be established (e.g. job creation)→Capital from DIs that may be willing to accept below market-rates of return in exchange for development returns


Debt Markets

→ Bank financing is still one of the primary sources of capital in markets with less developed financial markets

→ However, there is potential to tap into unconventional sources for debt financing by matching sources and uses and risks and returns

→ Instrument types: trade finance, transactional finance, senior and junior debt and risk management / hedging



TWA has an already proven execution track-record of advisory and principal investment opportunities:


Emerging markets banking


Mozambican real estate


Southern-African forestry

Conservation tourism