Impact Consulting




Access to affordable financing is challenging in African frontier markets, despite significant potential. The world of finance and impact consulting are increasingly creating innovative solutions for sustainable development. ThirdWay Africa is addressing the need to create and mobilize innovative financing for sustainable development.


We build bridges and a common vision between civil society, the research community and the public and private sectors to provide innovative and inclusive solutions for our clients



Our services


Market & opportunity analysis

We study context by conducting thorough research to validate a potential business development and investment thesis.


Innovative finance structuring & fundraising

We design and develop a comprehensive strategy mitigating risks, generating impact and mobilizing capital into a innovative and sustainable financing vehicle or project.


Strategy & design

We capitalize on a thesis by designing the strategy of how we achieve and measure sustainable social, environmental and financial returns and impact.



Blended Finance

Blended Financing strategically uses development finance, donors and philanthropic funds to mobilize private capital to enhance returns for private investors while driving social & environmental impact. Blended Financing has emerged as a solution to the high cost of doing business in developing countries where social & environmental impact is the greatest. ThirdWay Africa helps its clients structure innovative blended finance solutions. 

A Mozambican forest, where ThirdWay Africa advised The World Bank on sustainable forestry.

A Mozambican forest, where ThirdWay Africa advised The World Bank on sustainable forestry.