The Third Way

At ThirdWay Africa, we don't believe in sustainability as an aspiration, a moral choice at the whim of good intentions or a nice-to-have for the glossy pages of an annual report. We know that every successful business depends upon meeting the needs of a myriad of stakeholders. That making money inevitably relies upon communities, the environment and the people you serve.


Thinking anew

In leaving behind the construct of traditional philanthropy in contradistinction to exclusively economic returns, a new paradigm arises. At the frontier of this new paradigm, we are enabling a ThirdWay of investing. Through our advisory and asset management services, we facilitate a conversation between private capital, large development organizations and regional governments assisting them in finding new models of cooperation for sustainable development.

ThirdWay Africa engineers investment solutions in a new paradigm where sustainability becomes an absolute. By seeking to integrate all the stakeholders, we manage risks and drive real returns.

What we do


Corporate and Public Advisory

Advising companies, investors, governments and development institutions on their finances in a sustainable development goals environment.

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Impact Consulting

Helping to bring together development institutions and companies to build models for sustainable development.

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Asset Management

Advising direct and collective vehicles to manage sustainable investments. 

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